Promotion and Graduation Requirements



Promotion requirements allow for the normal progression from Grade 9 through Grade 11.


Students must earn 22 credits to enter Grade 10

Students must earn 54 credits to enter Grade 11

Students must earn 81 credits to enter Grade 12

Students must earn 109 credits to Graduate


To be promoted to Grade 12, a student must be a diploma candidate. A diploma candidate is a student who has a minimum of 81 credits at the end of 11th grade and has every possibility of graduating in June of the 12th grade. That means that all courses carried in Grade 12 will satisfy subject and credit requirements to receive a diploma. Subject and credit requirements are as follows:





20 credits – 4 years


Social Studies

15 credits – 3 years

5 credits must be earned in U.S.

History I and 5 credits must be earned in U.S. History II


20 credits – 4 years

5 credits must be earned in a level of Math 9 and 5 credits must be earned in a level of Math 10


15 credits – 3 years

5 credits must be earned in Biology

Foreign Language

10 credits – 2 years

Two years of the same foreign language must be successfully completed in the high school setting


5 credits – 1 year

5 credits must be earned in visual or performing arts and/or music


6 credits total



Passing scores in English Languages, Math, and Biology must be achieved in order to graduate.


Each student must carry the equivalent of twenty-eight (28) credits and wellness at minimum. If approved by the guidance chairperson and principal, credits earned from courses taken at area colleges and night schools may be used to fulfill promotion and graduation requirements.

Students must meet the state requirement for time and learning. In order to meet this mandate, each student must fill their schedule with the required academic subjects, wellness, and elective courses. Subject requirements must also be successfully completed. If a student passes all of their subjects, the student will have no difficulty in achieving enough credits to graduate. Selection of the correct subjects is critical to achieving the necessary requirements for graduation. It is highly recommended that if a student should fail one or more subjects, that student should attend summer school to make up the course(s) and credits. Failure to do so could endanger graduation within four (4) years.