Health Screenings

Grade 9
All 9th Grade students  participate in the postural screening program unless a written note is on file from your child’s primary care provider stating that they have already been screened within the school year by them or that they are under treatment.
Grade 10
All 10th Grade students will be screened for vision, hearing, heights and weights.  
New Students entering the Belchertown Public Schools District must complete a Health history form, have a current physical exam, and signed immunization record from their primary care provider prior to starting school.  Students who have religious exemptions must submit an exemption letter every year.
Additionally, students are required by Massachusetts State Law (Chapter 71) to have a completed current physical exam performed by their Primary Care Provider on file for 10th Grade admission.
Most insurance companies only pay for an annual physical exam so if your child is scheduled for an exam during the summer or early fall, please call me during school hours 8:30am to 2:30pm @ 413-323-9508 or leave a message to provide me with the date of the physical.
Please remember these requirements are mandated PRIOR to entry into 10th Grade. Your child will be excluded from school if this requirement is not met.

Sports Sign-Up Information

For information on sports sign-up forms, sports offerings, registration dates, physical exam information, concussion policy etc., please visit the BHS Athletic Department.