Transition to 4th Grade

Transition is never easy and because of the challenging times we are in, it may be even more difficult.  That is why we, at CHCS, are doing several things to support students and families with the transition to fourth grade.

A video as shared with incoming grade 4 students through their third grade google classrooms.  The video was created by many of the Chestnut Hill faculty with whom students would typically be working in their fourth grade year.  This video serves as an introduction to the names and faces of those people.   Here is a link to that video:

A presentation which will hopefully help students become acclimated with what life is typically like at CHCS is also being shared with students in their google classrooms.  Although we do not yet know exactly what school will look like this fall, we will still review the expectations and some of the activities that are, under normal circumstances, available to our students.  Here is a link to the video: