Bucket Fillers Program

Dear Parents/Guardians,

       We have adopted a Bucket Fillers social skills program at Cold Spring School. This new program promotes a respectful, kind and caring community of learners. Also, it is easy for our learners to understand and remember.This engaging approach to kindness teaches essential social/emotional skills which enhances daily interactions with all. 

       During this year, all students at Cold Spring School will be discussing what it means to be a kind and caring individual. They will also learn the Bucket Fillers Poem found below:



           *Bucket Fillers

Bucket Filler Poem

I always can choose

It's up to just me

To fill or to dip

Be sad or happy.


Bucket fillers are cool

We're caring and kind.

Go fill up a bucket.

They're easy to find!


The following list is suggested literature to

complement the  Bucket Fillers Program:

Have You Filled A Bucket Today? By Carol McCloud
Bucket Filling A to Z                                                          By Carol Mccloud & Caryn Butzke                                            
Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness By Carol McCloud
Will You Fill My Bucket ? By Carol McCloud
fill a bucket  By Carol McCloud & Katherine Martin,MA
How Full Is Your Bucket? By Mary Reckmeyer