Announcements and Rotation 10/7/19 - 10/11/19

Monday 10/7 - Day F, Tuesday 10/8 - Day G, Wednesday 10/9 - Day A, Thursday 10/10 - Day B, Friday 10/11 - Day C Early Release Day

Thursday 10/10: There is no late bus on Thursday, 10/10.  It has been cancelled because there are no after school programs on this day this week.

Friday 10/11: Mid term progress reports sent via secure file email.  If we do not have your email address on file, please contact the office.

Friday 10/11 is an Early Release Day and students are dismissed at 12:00PM.  All classes will meet.  please see schedule below for Friday:


Modified Day C with E Day lunch


PERIOD 3 7:45 - 8:10

PERIOD 4 8:13 - 8:38

PERIOD 5 8:41 - 9:06

PERIOD 6 9:09 - 9:34

PERIOD 7 9:37 - 10:02

PERIOD 1 10:05 -10:30


PERIOD 2 (E day lunch) 10:30-12:00





12:00 Dismissal Exit to BUSES


First Lunch

Kania - 213                         Streeter-218

 Thompson - 202                Smith - Band

Cummings - 215                 Carlson - 219    

Second Lunch

Meilleur - 104                  Johnson - 113

Poli - 214                         Paris - 103    

Zimmer - 210                  St. Amanda - Lib

Caponi-Babb - 201         Shea - 114


Third Lunch

LaRoche - 205            Craven - 115

O'Rourke - 209           Sigda - Gym

Abuselmi - 217           Gramuglia - GYM

 Náter - 216                 

10/7/19 :  If it starts to rain, Running Club will be in the gym today.

The After School Program will begin with Running Club today,  Monday, October 7th.  All other clubs will begin on Wednesday, October 16th. Running Club will run from October 5th-December 7th and all other programs will run from October 16th until December 12th.  Late buses will also begin on Monday, October 7th and will run every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday which are the same days of the program. If you need to ride the late bus, you must sign up in the Music Assembly. If you would like to participate in the after school program, please complete the enrollment form and return it with payment to your homeroom teacher as soon as possible.  All students staying after for ASP should report to the music assembly at dismissal.  

Extra forms are located on the table in the lobby.  There will not be a late bus on Thursday, 10-10-19.

Veterans Kindess Project

During the week of October 7th - 11th Ms. LaRoche and Ms. Blanchard's Extension classes will be collecting goods for our local Belchertown veterans.  There will be boxes in the lobby for the collection.  We are collecting winter gloves, winter hats, slippers, warm slipper socks, bagged socks, disposable razors, shaving cream, hand lotions, lip balms, deodorant, cologne, toothpaste, toothbrushes, denture products, baby wipes, Q-tips, bar soap, body wash, baby powder, travel size tissues, packaged treats, cookies, candies, gift certificates to local shops, restaurants, hair solons/barbers.  Please see Ms. LaRoche in room 205 if you have any questions.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

JBMS is running a special clothng order in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.  Grab this gear to support all those affected y this disease.  Half (50%) of the proceeds from this sale will go to the Baystate Breast and Wellness Center.  For more information on the BBWC please click on the link below.

This sale is LIMITED! The sale starts TODAY and ends TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8th!  GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN!  Gear gets sent right to your door.  Coopy and paste the link below to order!

If you have any questions, please email Melissa Gramuglia at