JBMS Traffic Flow Changes Effective 5-13-19-Pick up and Drop Off

JBMS Traffic Flow Changes 5.13.19

Dear JBMS Students, Parents, Guardians, Guests, Visitors and BHS Student Drivers:

With increases in the number of vehicles accessing the school, and the number of safety concerns and complaints due to traffic back-ups on the main roads increasing, we have taken steps to make changes with the traffic flow design for student drop-off to Jabish Brook Middle School. We will implement these plans starting Monday, May 13th. This letter will explain these guidelines. Please follow them.

Effective Monday, May 13th:

Morning Drop-Off Procedures:  Access to the school for morning drop-off will remain via the Springfield Road side entrance only. This driveway now has directional signs and a designated student walking lane.  Students are to be dropped off at all points along this walkway during the morning drop-off times. Up to five cars are expected to drop off students along this walkway at a time. Vehicles that park or wait for single drop at the front will hold up the line and cause delays. Please don't be that person. Vehicles must follow the directional signs to enter and exit the parking lot drop-off area. Road barriers will be put up to prevent vehicle access to the front canopy, and will prevent access from the main driveway.

Afternoon Pick Up Procedures: Students will be instructed to use the student walkway to access the lower and upper side parking lots during the afternoon pickup.  No Parking Signs will be posted along the student walkway, and along the ramp to the upper driveway. Parents waiting for students to exit the building for pick up must park in the upper lot, or in remaining designated parking areas.  Vehicle access will be allowed to access this turn around driveway area, but vehicles can not be idle trying to wait for students and will be required to leave the driving lane. There will be NO PARKING and no waiting area for student pick-up anywhere near the school building.

The Belchertown Police Department will be present to assist with the traffic flow changes, and I would like to thank them for their support in this process. Most drivers have been patient, courteous, and supportive at realizing the limitations of the parking lot design and access to the building, and I want to thank everyone for your support and understanding. We have restricted staff parking away from this entire area in order to accommodate these changes. After these initial steps are tested, and hopefully proven effective, we will move forward with additional design change recommendations.  

This plan is a part of a larger traffic study that was conducted to provide corrective action to the traffic and safety concerns, and has been reviewed by the Belchertown Highway Department,The Belchertown Police Department, as well as the Belchertown School Administration. The formal design change costs were deemed excessive, so these steps are being taken to try and make similar improvements at reduced costs. We will review these design changes as they are implemented, and will post additional updates to the guidelines as deemed necessary.

Thank you for your support and patience during this process. Testing these changes now will provide sufficient information to formalize the guidelines in preparation for the 2019-2020 school year.

Thomas K. Ruscio, Principal