Swift River Elementary School

Swift River Elementary School

57 State Street
Belchertown, MA 01007

413-323-0471 and 413-323-0472

Fax: 413-323-0492

Our Mission: The mission of the Belchertown Public Schools is to ensure that every student meets with success every day. To that end, we pledge to ensure that we have rigorous, standards-based curriculum; instruction designed to meet the needs of diverse learners in every classroom; access the global learning community via state-of-the-art technology in schools that are communities of respect and civility for all.


Individual School Photos - Friday, 9/24 (Make-Up Day - Friday, 11/5)

This Friday, September 24th, 2021, individual school photos will take place at Swift River Elementary School.  All students will be photographed regardless of whether the family is purchasing a package or not.  All students were sent home on Monday, September 20th, with a photo package envelope.  If you are preordering online, pleae visit - www.geskusprint.com.  Use the unique code - RAN9LWLF - to log in and pre-order photos.